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1. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab?

A dedicated SAFE space full of supplies for the learner to explore, make mistakes and create!

2. What is the impact of AI on Schools?

  • Helping schools deliver education of the future - easily & reliably.
  • Strong ability to expedite the almost all administrative tasks.
  • Stay relevant & recognised.
  • Easy & accurate tutoring, grading & assessments.
  • Opportunity for all.

3. What is the impact of AI on Students?

  • Stay at par with counterparts all over the globe.
  • Demystify the youth.
  • Equip them with relevant skill set & tool set.
  • Visualise future jobs better.
  • Education will be more ‘personal’ & context aware.
  • Meaningful and immediate feedback.
  • Less outsourcing of tech-set - Since innovators will learn to invent!

4. What is the impact of AI on Society?

  • AI can unleash potential & productivity of a huge sector.
  • AI is re-shaping existing industries already, same pace to stay relevant.
  • It is the education and training we equip our stakeholders that will fuel the engines of future AI, and moving towards Geo-political success.
  • Fosters local innovations (Independency).
  • Digitised Era.
  • Soothes inequality in profound ways.

5. What are the components of our AI Lab?

AI Lab Components

  • IoT Station
  • Do it Yourself Station
  • Coding Station
  • Lego Hive
  • Design Station
  • 3-D Printing Station
  • Laser Cutting Station
  • Audio Visual Station
  • YouTube Station
  • Learning with Drone
  • Cafeteria

6. Can we setup the required components in our lab and not all?

Yes, we offer the product as per your requirement. If you want to setup only some of the components, we are happy to do that for you.

7. How to build an AI Lab?

You can write to us at info@aiashlar.ai or call us at 0120-6633242/ +91-8700065547 for details regarding setting up an Artificial Intelligence Lab.
We will share the information according to your requirements.

8. How much does the set up of an AI Lab cost?

To know more about packages, cost, details, write us at info@aiashlar.ai

9. AI Lab is available for which class students?

The AI Lab is designed for students of K-12 levels and beyond.