Artificial Intelligence is gradually becoming a part of our ordinary lives. We are enclosed by this innovation everywhere including automatic parking systems, keen sensors for taking amazing pictures, or an individual help. Being beneficial in diverse areas, the necessity of Artificial Intelligence in education is being felt, transforming the traditional methods of learning drastically.
From letting teachers focus on building the psyches of students instead of checking copies, to fitting the learning procedure for every individual student, Artificial Intelligence is absolutely revolutionising the teaching and learning process in education.
A study states that by 2021, the utilisation of AI in education and learning will increase by 47.5%. Past scholastics, it can likewise streamline students’ career decisions.
As per the Industrial Revolution 4.0, education should not just meet the needs of industry, but also ensures the best possible student experience, use of staff time and investment in other segments.
On the back of continuous technological advancement, we are witnessing a paradigm shift in the teaching-learning process. The relationship between educators and students is changing, where educators have become more approachable and much better at understanding the students’ perspectives.
Due to the numerous applications of AI in education sector, the academic world is becoming more convenient and adaptable. This has changed the approach in which students learn, since study materials are available for all through smart gadgets and PCs. Other than helping students in study, AI also benefits in the automation of administrative jobs, enabling management to limit the time required to finish troublesome tasks, so that, they can spend more time with students.
Let us go through some amazing transformations brought by Artificial Intelligence in education domain.
Simplifying administrative tasks
Making quality education accessible
Tailoring education as per the need
Identifying course improvement
Universal access for all students
The job of AI is altogether expanding and making versatile instructing learning strategies.
The addition of three zones – information, computation and education - is set to have extensive outcomes, bringing up fundamental questions about the idea of education: what and how it is taught. Concluding, one can look at the different version of Education, innovated by Artificial Intelligence, very soon which will be beneficial for students, teachers, as well as school management!